What is Kangen Water? Types of Water and Usages!


Kangen Water is healthy refreshing water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Kangen Water Machine will filter your regular tap water also produce ionized alkaline and Acidic water by the electrolysis processYou can use this water for different purposes. For Drinking, Cooking, Beauty Care, and Cleaning.

Kangen Water Machine Produce 4 Types of Water.

1. Strong Kangen Water of 11 pH
2. Kangen Water from 8.5 pH to 9.5 pH
3. Clean Water of 7.0 pH
4. Beauty Water from 4.0 pH to 6.0 pH

Let’s see the usage and benefits of all these waters.

Type 1: Strong Kangen Water (11 pH)

Strong Kangen Water is not for Drinking. It is for hygiene purposes and being a Strong Water; it uses for Cleaning. It has the benefits of heat Conducting and Dissolving.

Food Preparation

It removes pesticides from vegetables and fruits. It will go deep into pesticides Oily nature and remove all of them and make them clean and healthy.


Being a Strong effect, you can use this water for Cleaning your Kitchen utensils, Oily vent, and for greasy places.


Stain Removal

It will remove the stain from your toilet bowl, oil bottles, and coffee splash very easily.


You can lower your use of detergent when you do dishwashing. You can save a lot of water as well. Due to its intense nature, it will clean the dish in one wash.

Type 2: Kangen Water (8.5 pH to 9.5 pH)

This pH water is 100% perfect for healthy cooking and Drinking.

This water is electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich. It restores your body to the alkaline state, which is ideal for good health.

Usage: Food preparation, Drinking, Soups, and stews, watering plants and coffee & tea.

Kangen Water is Environment friendly and suits your pocket as it’s a one-time health investment.


You can Drink Kangen Water the whole day. Unlike regular tap water, Kangen Water has no hostile aroma, tastes lighter, and has an excellent sweet taste.

Food Preparation

You can use this to clean vegetables. If you pre-boiling broccoli and onions in Kangen Water, it improves the flavor. Use less seasoning & salt.

Tea & Coffee

You’ll be surprised by the colour, taste, and aroma of tea or coffee prepared with Kangen Water.

You also use less tea or coffee. Still, you attain the full, rich flavour because of water’s extractable capacity.

Soups & Stews

Kangen Water pulls out the essence of ingredients, so they get loving and juicy.

So the food doesn’t need additional spices.


Kangen Water can give a new life & brightness to plants. The water inspires incubation and improves sprout development.

Type 3: Clean Water (7.0 pH)

This water is free of dirt, chlorine, and rust. 7.0 pH Clean water is soft drinking water. Usage: For Medication & baby food.

Baby Food

You can use 7.0 pH clean water for Prepare baby food.


This water is precious drinking water that is easily digested by your body. Take your Medication with this water for best Results.

Type 4: Beauty Water (4.0 pH - 6.0 pH)

Beauty water is not suitable for Drinking. It is slightly acidic and recognized for its acute effects. Best use for mild Cleaning & beauty care. Usage: Hair Care, Face wash, Polishing, Pet care, polishing, Preserving frozen food, and Cleaning.

Face Wash

The harsh properties of Acidic water are useful in firming and toning your skinThis water is also excellent as an Aftershave.

Pet care

Use it on your pet and then brush it up to get soft and shiny fur.


You can use this water as a Conditioner. It helps to shine your hair. Use this water with a spray bottle. You can use it on Face and hair gently.


It removes the dirt from ceramic tiles or hard floors etc.


You can use Polish eyeglasses, mirrors, windows & glass objects.

Frozen Food

If you spray this Acidic Water when freezing food, then the food does not lose its flavor.

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