Best Ways to Make Money Online in India – Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10000 Per Month.

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All Indian Internet Marketing freshers have this question in common in mind; How to make money Online in India?

In this blog, we will be talking about five ways to make money online in India, but before we start this discussing, I would like to make a clear point here, that that first four methods will not be easy.

They will require some sort of talent. If you want the easiest and fastest way to make money Online in India, then skip to the 5th method straight away.

If you stay tuned and read the whole blog than I am sure you will at least end up earning 50 rupees. I know that 50 rupees are not a significant amount by any means, but you will get that 50 rupees in less than 2 minutes using this method only.

This will SURELY Boost your CONFIDENCE to Make Money Online in India. So why not?

How to earn money online in India without investment?

#1. Online Content Writing Jobs

Online Freelance Writing Jobs

If you have good command over the English language, then you can write articles for others who are looking for Freelance Content Writers.

There are websites like https://www.iwriter.com/ and https://www.freelancewriting.com/ that pay you for writing articles, essays and blogs, but your grammar and punctuation need to be on point; otherwise, they will reject your work. 

If you are good @ writing and people like your work then you will get anything between $1 and $5 per article.

#2. Become a YouTube Influencer

Become a YouTube Influencer

Are you a Camera Friendly and Feel Confidence Infront of Camera then YouTube can be an excellent career choice for you?

Do you love to Play Games then you can become a Gaming YouTuber?

Are you good at Make-up and Beauty then you can influence your Audience through YouTube Channel?

Options are Truly Endless!

If you are not sure about what videos you want to make then you can start the “Reaction Channel”, but while reacting to videos, you need to make sure to ask their permission and to give them proper credit in your Videos.

Reaction Channel

What you need is a good camera, determination, hard work, some sort of sense of humour and lots of patience.

#3. Virtual Freelance Work @ Fiverr

Are you a good Singer? Or Are you good at Designing? Can you make Logo or Website?

Utilise your Skills online, and people will pay you for your skills.

Fiverr is a popular website for freelance workers you can choose from a wide range of tasks.

Fiverr Work Online

#4. Become a Social Media Influencer

Now a day, an immense amount of People is active on Social media.  How can you get the benefits of that and make money online in India?

Become a Social Media Influencer

First, get lots of followers on social media like more than 100,000 at least on major Social media channels. If you can manage that, then you can use that Audience for Companies who want to promote their products or Services on Social media. You can charge them to display or advertise their assets on your page.

Promotional Request

You can also make money by promoting Affiliate products and make some excellent passive income.

1) Websites like Amazon & Flipkart have affiliate Programs.

2) If someone buys any product through your affiliate link, then you get the commission.

3) Search Affiliate Marketing Training Videos and Learn more.

#5. Roz Dhan App (Best Money Making App in India)

Roz Dhan App- best money making app in india

So, finally, we are at the final method of Make Money online in India. This method will 100% give you Rs. 50 today. Do you want to know how? Let’s start then;

Go to Google Play Store and type “ROZ DHAN” and Download the App or you can simply click on this link and download the app; http://bit.ly/Roz-Dhan-App;

Don’t worry. This is not an affiliate or spammy link; It is just for the analytics purpose.

As soon as you download this app, you will get Rs. 25 instantly as a Welcome Bonus. Now if you want to make more Rs. 25 than Add “06Z622” in Add Invite Code Section than You get additional Rs. 25 in your wallet.

Roz dhan - App invite code

So, now your balance should be Rs. 50 make sure to open the ROZ DHAN app at least once a day because there is a daily report for checking-in.

The first day you will get 20 coins, second day 25 coins and it keeps on increasing. These coins get converted into rupees after midnight every day. You can earn even more money by inviting your friends to use this app.

How to Earn Coins on Roz Dhan App?

1) Install Roz Dhan App – Rs. 25

2) Enter Invite Code “06Z622” – Rs. 25

3) Daily Checking-in – 20 to 50 Coins

4) Invite a Friend – 1250 coins

You can share your referral code with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp groups that can help you earn faster.

Roz Dhan assures that people are not having any trouble while redeeming their money. The app has almost 50,000 Installs and 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store, that means People are having a good time & happy with this app.

As I mentioned that this Method does not require any talent whatsoever, unlike the other four methods. So, there is no harm in trying, Right?

That’s it for now. These are some of the ideas to make money in India. Hopefully, these Make Money Online in India methods will help at least a few of you. If you like this blog then please like, Comment and Share with others.

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