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Medical PPC Strategy: How to Generate Medical Leads Using Google Ads

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Generating medical leads is an effective way to increase your clients and promote your medical business and hospital via effective PPC (pay per click) and Google Search Ad campaigns. According to the data cited by eMarketer In 2018, the money spent on digital marketing in the United States in the healthcare industry is $2.84 billion and is expected to spend about $3.14 billion in 2019. It’s high time you started making use of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to your advantage and improve your leads by creating search advertisements on the giant search engine, which is Google.


AdWords by Google is one of the best methods when it comes to generating leads for any business. You should start making use of AdWords as your foremost lead generation tool because 89% of patients make use of search engines to solve healthcare queries, and 83% use it to find a health practitioner.

In this article, you will learn how medical advertisers generate leads by making use of AdWords by Google. This step by step guide will cover all you need to know when it comes to generating leads using Google AdWords.

What is Lead Generation?

Generating leads is an aspect of the sales process, which attracts a potential customer and creates an interstate of your product or service in their mind by making use of several lead generation methods. Depending on the type of business and the target audience of the business, there are several lead generating techniques used by companies.

Primary lead generating methods used by companies;

  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Cold calling
  • Events and PR
  • Social media marketing and many others.

What is Google AdWords?

This is a paid advertising platform owned by Google. Google AdWords is used to generate traffic to any website by making use of display and search ads. The fundamentals with which Google AdWords work is PPC in which the advertiser will be charged for the click when an individual visits a website and clicks on an ad.


What you need to remember when it comes to Google AdWords?

  • It works on the concepts of PPC
  • It is a paid advertising tool
  • You can make use of Google AdWords for display ads, search ads, App downloads, and also video ads.

The exciting part of Google Ads is that your advertisements will only be displayed to people who search for things based on your specific keywords. AdWords allows you to target your ads using particular keywords for a specific audience.

How Does Google AdWords Work?

Google displays your landing page or website when an individual searches on your targeted keywords on Google – in the form of advertisement.

Medical PPC Works

From every click you receive for your ad, you will be charged concerning the bid price you set for your keywords.

Below are the requirements you need to start generating leads using Google Ads.

  • Web Page or Landing Page
  • List of targeted keywords
  • Google AdWords account
  • Payment details
  • Create Ads

If you own medical business and you want to generate leads for your business, you will surely need proper planning.

Let us get started and understand that Google AdWords helps you in generating quality leads and then turn them to your customers.

(1) Set a Budget for Campaign

Plan a budget for Google AdWords

So many people often ask, “How much should I spend on a Google AdWords campaign?”

All you need to do is to set a preferred budget for your Google AdWords campaign. You should set your budget well, so you don’t overspend or underspend to get your preferred result – which is to generate quality leads.

(2) Pick Keywords for Your Adwords Campaign

It Is time to plan out the keywords. The keywords that you want to use for your campaign should be just applicable to your medical business.

AdWords Keyword Planner is an ideal tool to do research and find the keyword ideas. This tool permits you to forecast and analyze the estimation of search quantity for keywords. It also helps you assess the PPC that you will be charged – CPC (cost per click).

The keyword planner is very in-depth and can be a terrific starting point when performing keyword research and planning.

nfortunately, it is not entirely reliable. However, you are going to get some idea of keywords suitable for you.

Another fantastic approach to get suggestions for keywords is by doing a Google search on your primary keyword like “experienced Wisconsin heart surgeon.” Usually, you will see related searches in the base of the search results page.

You can also make use of keywords thought, using the “Search related” at the end of the result page.

(3) Landing Page Content Should Match your Advertisement

It’s essential to focus on what message you want to provide in your landing page. Your Ads ought to have the same info when searches are done.

If your Ads is promising, but your content on the landing page doesn’t match with Advertisement, the clicks you receive are squandered and will incur you an expense.

Giving the ideal message to your users is one of the most excellent practice to generate quality leads using Google AdWords.

(4) Create Several Ad Groups in One Campaign

When somebody searches on Google, AdWords algorithm does the fitting with your targeted keywords. Your Ad will be shown to the user if it has keywords that you have included in Ad Group.

Remember, the description and headline displayed in your advertising should be related to the keywords. It’ll trigger your Advertisement to be displayed while the search is done.

The more relevant your advertisements are, the more likely it is, that an individual will click-through to your landing page.

(5) Create Ads in Google AdWords

AdWords regularly update the formatting of how an ad displays in the search results. When you’re writing your ads, it is essential to attract the individual to your copy.

Strong Advertising

When you’re making an Ad, your Ad should be related to the content in your landing page or website. This will permit Google AdWords Algorithm to know that your page is providing the right information about what the user is currently searching for.

Write your ad copy better than your competitors. Let your user know that you’re going to offer exactly what they’re searching for.

Include a Call To Action

Call To Action means that if a person is entering your site webpage, you need them to take action for making an inquiry which is going to generate lead.

Call To Action can be in various types:

  • Inquiry Form
  • Quotation Form
  • Call Button
  • Pop Up Form
  • ChatBot

To entice a genuine lead, create an Advertisement with juicy words such as an offer, discounts & free trials. I am confident that you will find your customer.

Make the Keywords Relevant

Since keywords in Ad Groups must match keywords with ads, it is essential to make sure that they are relevant and organized. If one of your keywords is “joint replacement,” and you’ve got various services, you need to have an ad in that advertising group that talks about the “joint replacement.”

Don’t be Spammy

You want your ads to display professionally. Don’t use ALL CAPS, don’t spam FREE, also don’t MiX CaSeS. Try to use a common language and a simple writing style.

6: A/B Evaluation of Ad Copy

After the Landing Page is made along with targeted keywords and Ad, the next step is to quantify the way your Ad Campaign is performing.

By making numerous Advertisements, you may notice that the results of the Advertisements and keywords are doing well to produce qualified prospects.

If Ad ‘B’ is performing better, then your Ad ‘A,’ you can pause Ad ‘A.’

You may even do A/B Testing for your Ad Groups; it is going to help you select which Ad Groups is creating more leads.

Another variable you’ll have to concentrate on is your ‘Quality Score.’

Quality score is Google’s evaluation of the quality and relevance of your keywords and Advertisement. It’s used to determine your cost per click (CPC), and it is multiplied by your highest possible bid to ascertain your ad rank in the advertising process.

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