Enhanced CPC

How to get more clicks on your ads in Google Adwords?

Hello Friends, Welcome to Digital Patel. Today I am going to talk about how we can use a bidding strategy feature by the name of enhanced CPC in Google AdWords, which is going to help us to increase our conversion.

So, if you have been advertising at the Google Adwords and you have been tracking your conversions, which can be a sale conversion or lead conversion or signups or promoting your app and you try to tracking installations, or you are tracking downloads on your website. Now how we can increase the conversion of the number of conversions without increasing our cost per conversion?

So, what we do is when we create a search campaign under Google Adwords instead of selecting the typical CPC (cost per click) bidding strategy, we should instead go for enhanced CPC.

Enhanced CPC

What is Enhanced CPC?

Enhanced CPC bidding strategy is where we are allowing Google to increase the bid per click we have bet to get one click on our advertisements. Under Enhanced CPC, we allow Google to increase our bid by 30% or up to 30% on those clicks, which are more likely to give us more conversions.

Enhanced CPC Technique – Example 1

I’ll explain this with an example. Let’s say we have bid Rs. 10 for every click and we are running advertisements on three different keywords. One is XYZ, the other one is 123, and the third one is ABC. We are running ads on these 3 keywords.

If you check the insights and review the account carefully and track the history, the history says that out of those three keywords, XYZ is the keyword which is giving you more conversions. The click to conversion or the click to sale or the click to lead conversion percentage of that is much higher with XYZ.

So, if we have opted for an Enhanced CPC, then every time someone searches for XYZ keyword, Google is going to increase our bid up to 30% automatically, to let us more clicks. So instead of charging Rs. 10 per click, Google will charge us may be Rs. 30 per click, so that our advertisements appear every time or most of the times whenever someone searches for this keyword which is XYZ, that’s how CPC bidding strategy works.

Enhance CPC Benefits
Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)

Enhanced CPC Technique – Example 2

I’ll give you another example, let’s say if you track your account history and you have been running advertisements from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., you are not running ads 24 hours and opted for 12 hours window.

If you check the insights, it shows that though on average you get around 50 conversions a day 20 out of these 50 conversions you get from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

So, this time window is suitable for your conversions. You are building the majority of the conversions during these 3 hours. Now by enhanced CPC, Google is going to increase the bid amount up to 30% during this period, and you get more impressions and clicks, and at the result of that, you get more conversions.

I hope you get some idea of Enhanced CPC. You can consult us if you want to know more. I must appeal, please try this technique with a low budget, so you get a more precise idea.

All the Very Best…

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