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How To Get Start With Facebook & Instagram Ads To Promote Your Business?

Creating ads has become more sophisticated now. Back in the time ads were only meant for radio and Television. As gigantic banners are a total exception.

However, when time gingerly changes it takes ample of opportunities with it in the ads that could become revolutionary in recent years.

When ads were shown on the radio or T.V. it could reach out to the maximum audiences.

Let’s take an example of a cold drink. In the 80s channels were showing the ad of Pepsi which had Michael Jackson in it along with kids.

Channels were showing this ad on T.V. simultaneously, this was the reason how this cold drink name got stuck in people’s minds moreover, a famous pop singer was endorsing that product.

Speaking of which, if you put one ad on the loop in front of people then, the chances would become much higher the name of the company or product simply takes its place in people’s conscious.

Regardless, the time has changed, the number of people using social media is rising exponentially every day.

Since Facebook & Instagram introduced its ads running feature, people who have a multifarious business are diving into this never-ending social media world as individuals can find easily their targeted audiences here simply.

Therefore, in the following article, we will talk about how ads would work on social media and how you can cope up with these two major social media platforms and keep up with new ad trends.

we must have to understand first about their ads before we quell on how to create Facebook and Instagram ads.

Summary About Facebook & Instagram Ads

When any new marketing idea is set up in a digital marketers’ mind. There is a name “Facebook” that comes first in their mind.

This platform is like an old schoolboy or should say everything may start from here.

As per reports, by the end of June 2019, Facebook has shown astonishing growth as having more than 2.35 billion active users.

Since Facebook has introduced a new way to see the digital/social media world and provide a vast field for businesses to present themselves on social media.

On the other hand, Instagram is only a decade old, nevertheless, recently Instagram has become more of a fashionable platform for people.

However, this platform has also seen a miraculous growth as having 1 billion monthly active users on it.

By having billions of active users these two platforms bring so many eventualities with it.

Since Facebook acquired Instagram most of the functionalities and rules have changed i.e. Instagram users can share their stories or any post directly on Facebook.

Millions of active users and millions of sharing posts every day can lead you to your potential customers.

In addition, using ads to captivate the vast number of audience of social media users, like people who are visiting your website, presenting your ads to new users social media news feed or based upon criteria you measure when reaching to a new and targeted audience.

The Difference Between The Audience

Creating a strategy and endeavouring to implement it on these 2 platforms is kind of not that easy job.

It takes a social media quest to find what kind of people are mostly available on these platforms.

So basically the audience demographic chart helps to understand and create a marketing strategy.

As we all know, people are using Instagram for Fashion & Lifestyle PrestaShop Themes, Art & Culture PrestaShop Themes, Food Shopify Themes, and Fashion Opencart Themes, etc. In general, it becomes a hub for a new lifestyle. According to some reports, the majority of users using Instagram are younger in age and some of them are teenagers.

Users are under 30 using Instagram on a daily basis. Youngbloods are always intent to consume new trends these days.

They want to shine and be bright in every product. The companies are engaging and targeting the younger audience and also providing them with the best at the same time.

Let’s not just demotivate the older audience here. It specifically depends on what product your company is offering and what your company is all about. Some of the biggest firms have more advantages to being on Facebook is more profitable than being on Instagram. The investment company, IT firms, Manufacturing firms have more engagement with audiences on Facebook than they would on Instagram.

A Social Media Engagement

A glitch in metric. For any brands, if they are holding a social media account they want Engagement of users. According to some reports, some brands reported that they have seen some drawbacks on Facebook conversely, a great amount of engagement can be seen in Instagram posts at the same time.

We will understand the engagement term by seeing the examples. In these two given images, we are seeing Levi’s exclusive posts from Facebook and Instagram handle.

This is Levi’s official Facebook handle. Where this post has only 458 likes, 3 Comments, and 1 share.

Levi's Instagram Handle

On the other hand, Levi’s official Instagram handle’s post says a different story. This Instagram post has 13.9k likes and 74 comments as well.

Levi's Instagram Handle

Levi’s isn’t a small firm. It is a well-known clothing brand across the world. Then, why do they have less engagement on Facebook compared to Instagram?

As we discussed above, the Young generation is Fashion freak and Levi’s is a clothing brand. This is the reason why Levi’s got so much engagement on Instagram and not on Facebook.

As it’s not every time possible sometimes, you get more on Facebook than Instagram. Basically, it totally depends on your content and in what type of unique ways you are presenting your post to customers. After all, at the end of the day, it depends on users and how they personally interact with your post on social media.

What Is Useful For Me? Facebook or Instagram?

As I stated earlier, it totally depends on you about how you can protect your content on these 2 platforms ingeniously. The young and old generation of people in the secondary concern. Your content is your king if you want to create better and embed engagement on these platforms.

Sometimes, people make a very common mistake about using the same content on a different platform. We all have to understand the fact that Facebook and Instagram both demand different content. You can’t simply copy-paste it. However, as we talked about banner ads. This term wasn’t new. Conversely, Facebook adheres to this old concept and gives it a new digital touch to it. At the same time, Instagram only requires well-made and lucrative photos and content to drive the user’s attention.  

Facebook is way bigger than you imagine, you can share your company’s day to day news, job posting, upcoming events, etc. this is the reason why Digital Marketers wouldn’t dare to neglect this platform. On the other hand, Instagram is driving users to another dimension to feel the product’s nostalgia.

These 2 platforms have their own advantages. Now you get to decide where you want to start. You do have to clear one thing in your mind that is pleasant with your content while using Facebook and Instagram for your marketing campaign.  

Author Bio:

Maruf Panwala is a Content Writer & Digital Marketer at Webibazaar Templates. He enhanced himself with digital trends and new ideas about how Digital Marketing work in this tough competitive market. He specialized in SEO, Content Editing & New Social Media Marketing World.

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