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How to Write Articles with SEO Content Generator?

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Digital Patel. Today I will show you the features of SEO content machine – an SEO content Writing tool. In this particular one, I’m going to show you the article creator feature, which is probably one of the essential elements of this piece of software.

If you’re doing SEO then probably you need a lot of content for your link building campaigns as well as for your money site. For your money site, it’s best to have manually written content which is high quality. That’s not always the case with the content that you create for your link building campaigns since it takes a lot of time to generate content.

Article creator saves yourself some time and a lot of effort and to have great content for your link building campaigns with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can set up an SEO content machine to generate as much content as you want for your campaigns. It will make it easy for you to just collect links from for your sites.

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So, the first thing you do is that you need to select the keywords which define the topic on which you want your articles. Since we still already started with “article writing tool” ones, it’s just what I’m going to write here. Now basically after you run this task, SEO content machine will go out and scrape Google search results for articles on the topics of “article writing tool”, “how to write articles?” or “how to write blog?” and whatever else you put in there and then it will use those articles, and it will combine them.

You can have a unique content which remains readable and somewhat useful to anyone who is reading it depending on the settings you use. You might just end up with content that is pretty good quality one way or another.

I wouldn’t use Content Writing tool or Software for my top-quality money sites, but for just about everything else for tier 2, tier 3 and probably even tier 1 on some smaller sites it could be okay. It’s best that you experiment and see what works for you.

So, let’s see what settings we need to adjust to this article generator to generate our content.

First, we need to select our sources. This content generator comes with the sources from where it fetches the information later use to create your articles.

You have three main options, you can scrap from online, locally saved content or article builder. You can generate content in the category of your choice. I’m just going to select online sources. I’m going to scrape for content from Google USA although if you are generating content in any other language, then you’re probably better off using the local version of Google for that particular country.

It’s also a good idea to use the “Search Safe” option which will limit the amount of content you can scrape, but that’s not adult related. You can also select as many specific sites as you want scraped content from.

I prefer to select the top “Article Directories” like,,,, because the content there is usually unique and it’s reusable. If you spin with the excellent quality content Writing tool, you can also add your sources. It makes SEO content machine the best program of its kind.

Doug Robinson

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No other software allows to use your sources so the users of another program can scrape the same sources. Eventually, they will end up with duplicate content whether you like it or not. Then you need to use “duplicate content checker” for plagiarism. However, using SEO Content machine, you can always specify new sources.

Next is the IMAGES section; in this section, you can use images that you want to insert inside your content. I prefer to set it from 0 to 2 images in each article since more than two usually starts to look a bit spammy.

Next, you have to specify from where will the SEO content machine gets the images to insert into your articles. You can either get them from Google by scraping, or you can get them from the Creative Commons database. You can add custom images which you can insert from a local folder, or by using the image scraper feature of SEO content machine.

I see no reason for wandering for images, and I’m just going to let the article generator to scrape and insert pictures automatically.

Next is the alternate tax of images, here I would prefer to select the suggested keywords option. You can be sure that you have an almost unique alternate tag for each version of your article.

You can also schedule this task. For example, each week in the specified folder you will get a new article that you can use for your link building campaigns. I prefer to scrape and generate as much content as possible at once and then forget about it.  I don’t spam that much, I’m mainly building links to my money sites. I’m not using any Blackhat SEO so probably that’s why I don’t need to show you these tasks. If you need a lot of content then perhaps it’s a good idea, and it will be useful for you.

If you want to know “How to use trending keywords from a keyword content generator “ check this article. It will explain more in-depth. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in a comment section, have a beautiful day.

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