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SEO Guide, LSI keywords & Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Search Volume

The first month of 2020 is already done and gone, and there have already been a few shifts in the search results, some positive and some negative. People seem to be scared to try things in the case; it impacts their rankings. You have to remember it could also have the opposite effect and grow rankings and traffic.

If you are doing little things, then you should be able to see what you have done that has impacted the drops or increases. Some good advice I remember hearing when making a change you might see a fall, you need to leave it for a few weeks to settle before deciding if it was a success or not.

SEO Guide

Over the last month, there have been some great articles posted online, so we thought it would be good to share a little roundup as to which we feel are the best.

1. Google Search Console – New Removal Tool

Google has announced the launch of a new removal tool in Search Console, which allows SEOs and webmasters more control over the URLs that show up in SERPs.

What can you do with this tool?

+ You can temporarily hide URLs from showing in Google search.

+ Identify content not showing up in SERPs because of its outdated nature.

+ Find URLs that are being filtered by Google’s SafeSearch filter.

Go to your Search Console and look for Removals under the Index menu. Read More on the Google Removal Tool.

2. Backlinko On-Page SEO 2020 Definitive Guide

One thing you can guarantee in the New Year is a crazy amount of new guides on how to “win” at SEO in 2020. This one is, however, very in-depth and has a lot of useful information if you are relatively new to SEO then I’d recommend giving it a read. If you are experienced, then you should also give it a read to see if there is something new.

Its split into seven chapters, ranging from basic SEO, Optimizing content & tags, optimizing for CRO & UX and finally some advanced SEO tips. Continue Reading to SEO Definitive Guide.

3. LSI Keywords – Are they a thing, and do they matter?

Have you come across phrase LSI keywords and wondered what it means? Or been told that it can help with boosting rankings? This article from Ahrefs goes into details on LSI and whether or not you should focus on it when writing your content.

It turns out that the author believes LSI keywords don’t exist, but learning about semantically related words, phrases, and entities do help to boost rankings.

Overall, a fascinating article with some great tips on finding some related words or phrases. Continue Reading on LSI Keywords.

4. Why checking search volume alone is not a good idea (Podcast)

I hate reading long articles; I like to listen to a podcast or watch a video on YouTube. Gael from Authority Hacker gave this information away at the Chiang Mai SEO conference last year, and it was exciting.

With the increase of featured snippets and more searches not resulting in clicks, by just looking at the volume, you could be making a big mistake. A keyword could have 2000 searches per month, but if it only resulted in 600 clicks, it might not be worth going after.

At the same time, a keyword could have 1000 searches but have 900 clicks, less volume, but in the end, more value. Read More on Search Volume.

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