Indians Eat with their Hands

Why do Indians eat with Their Hands? Science & Benefits behind it.

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Today we’re going to discuss the fascinating facts behind why Indians Eat their food with their Hands? There is a science behind it, and there are benefits of that. So, let’s discuss.

As you know that the Ayurveda plays a vital role also incorporated in India’s day-to-day life. As there are reasons explained in Ayurveda that the Hands are the most precious organs of Actions.

Each finger has its spiritual significance namely;

“FIRE” that means “AGNI”,

“AIR: that means “VAYU.”

“SPACE” that means “AAKASH.”

“EARTH” that means “PRITHVI.”

“WATER” that means “JAL.”

Fingers Representation

These all represent the individual finger-like;

“THUMB” connects to “FIRE.”

“INDEX FINGER” connects to “AIR.”

“MIDDLE FINGER” connects to “SPACE.”

“RING FINGER” connects to “EARTH.”

“LITTLE FINGER” connects to “WATER.”

Along with this Vedic Facts, there are various proven benefits which improve digesting System because our hands contain the bacteria called “NORMAL FLORA”.

Normal Flora

They can be found on our Palm and Upper part of the fingers. They are not harmful, but actually, they protect us from various damaging microbes in the environment.

When we eat with our hands, we usually eat slower which does help you digest more portion of your food that means you eat less because you get more benefits from your Meal while you eat with your hands according to recent studies.

It also prevents diseases like type 2 diabetes.  Study shows type 2 diabetes tends to eat faster than others, which causes an imbalance in food and blood sugar in the body. Therefore, to prevent that eating with hands make them to eat slower, which does help in the prevention of such diseases like type 2 diabetes.

It has hygienic benefits too. Eating with your hands is more sanitary than eating with utensils with the simple fact that you wash your hands multiple times a day rather than tools which you wash it once a day which caused some hygienic problems.

So, these are some reasons and benefits behind Indians eat with their hands so if you like it then please like and share with your friends and family.

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